Five reasons to choose a PC over a Mac for photo and video editing: Digital Photography Review

I’ve been holding off on purchasing a new computer for more than a year. My 2007 iMac was no longer going to be able to handle the updates for my Adobe CC subscription and I needed a solution. I decide to wait until the new MacBook Pros to be released to make a decision and was disappointed with the the specifications of the new models. It was going to cost me over $2000.00 USD to purchase the MacBook Pro that I wanted. This is the point I decided to look at a Windows based laptop. I ended up purchasing a Lenovo Y700 inch laptop with the following specifications.

2.6 GHz Core i7 processor, 16 GB of RAM and an AMD 4 GB Radeon graphics card.

The total cost with shipping was $899.00 USD.

So far, I have been totally satisfied with my purchase. Abobe Photoshop and Lightroom run smoothly and quickly. Now, I can purchase a new lens with the money I saved.


Source: Five reasons to choose a PC over a Mac for photo and video editing: Digital Photography Review

Phase One launches 100MP black and white medium format IQ3 ‘Achromatic’: Digital Photography Review

Phase One has announced a mono version of its 100MP IQ3 medium-format camera back. The $50,000 camera has no color filter array or IR filter, so should produce higher levels of pixel sharpness as well as offering greater sensitivity. Read more

Source: Phase One launches 100MP black and white medium format IQ3 ‘Achromatic’: Digital Photography Review

Olde City Philadelphia


Philadelphia from the Camden Riverfront


The United States of America started in Olde City Philadelphia, and it’s known as the birthplace of the nation. This is the area you will need to visit if you come to Philadelphia as a tourist. The attached map list some of the places you have to see. There are many historical sites and many photographic opportunities. It is a great place for street photographers, so keep your camera ready and enjoy what the city of Philadelphia has to offer.

As with any big city, you need to keep your wits about you. The Olde City section of Philadelphia is very safe and there is a large police presence in the tourist areas. You shouldn’t have any problems, but be mindful as you wonder the streets with expensive photo gear and travel with a buddy if you can.

Photogenic Cape May, New Jersey

Passing Remains

Summer time is here and it is time for road trips and weekend outings. Cape May, New Jersey should be on your list. Cape May is a Victorian town on the southern most point in New Jersey. It is America’s oldest seashore resort and has a favorite vacation place for presidents, the famous and Philadelphians escaping the heat of summer. Cape May is listed in the National Registry of Historic Places and the town has preserved most of the Victorian charm. This makes it a prime location for aspiring photographers.

The town offers a range of photographic opportunities whether you shoot land/seascapes, street or nature. Cape May is a famous location for bird watchers. It is an import location for birds to find food and fresh water during their migration periods.

The places that you can’t miss out on are the marina, the Washington Street Mall, the Gurney Street cottages, the cove, the meadows, Cape May Lighthouse, Sunset Beach, and Higbee Beach.  Click on the link below for access to my favorite photo locations in Cape May.

Cape May, New Jersey Photography Map

Matting Framing Hinging

This is a great resource to conservation matting and framing from the National Gallery of Art. It is important to remember to use acid free non-buffered materials mounting photographs.

National Gallery of Art

Sources: Matting Framing Hinging 

Library of Congress Guidelines